• Access to the online system using a username and password.
  • Tracking of the freight as soon as it enters the warehouse.
  • Weight, measures, etc.
  • Scanning of documents and photos for all the entered cargo.
  • Automatic notification by email when the freight is loaded and when it leaves.

Licensed under Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, we provide transportation in freight or passenger plans to any place in the world. We sort out all the necessary documentation so that the shipment arrives at the destination quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our high levels of freight movement, our tariffs can compete with the majority of US and other international airlines.

  • Airport to Airport Service. We transport all types of goods by air. We have contracts with major Airlines from anywhere in the world.
  • Dangerous Cargo. We have specific licenses for this type of freight an we are specialized brokers so that the freight will travel with all the necessary documentation.
  • Refrigerated Freight. Movement of freight in different temperatures.
  • Insurance. We can insure your freight from any port and under any International Commerce Terms.
  • Freight in transit (Bonded). For any class of freight, whether it’s standard, refrigerated, dangerous, etc.

Associated Major Air Lines

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