AB Group Shipping Corp offers a domestic moving service within the entire United States.

This comprehensive service, which is intended for individuals and companies, will provide all the infrastructure, logistics and expertise to manage your moving from and to any city within the 50 states of the American Union.

One of our representatives will be responsible for collecting all the necessary information and will guide you through the entire process.



AB Group Shipping Corp also manages moving for companies and businesses looking to relocate their offices within or outside the United States, as well as for foreign parties who need to open new branches in the United States.

In this type of moving, due to the operating costs involved,  prior planning is essential, because for the company in question to begin to work and operate normally it requires quick and efficient moving.

So a highly trained supervisor will be designated to attend to even the smallest details, in both the old and the new locations.

We also have staff trained in packing, moving of servers, computers and fragile equipment, motion sensitive files and documentation; all this because of the critical importance of speed and efficiency in the moving process.

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