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  • Access to the online system using a username and password.
  • Tracking of the freight as soon as it enters the warehouse.
  • Weight, measures, etc.
  • Scanning of documents and photos for all the entered cargo.
  • Automatic notification by email when the freight is loaded and when it leaves.

We have our own vehicles and trucks to carry out any type of land transportation in Miami and its surrounding areas. Likewise we work with an extensive transportation network throughout all of the US, whether it’s for the movement of containers, bulk cargo and/or parcels in general.

  • Network of Land Transport in all of the US. We have the best and transport network in all the country providing the best tariff, optimizing times and cost.
  • Dangerous Cargo. We have specific licenses for this type of freight and we are specialized brokers so that the freight will travel with all the necessary documentation.
  • Insurance. We can insure your freight from any port and under any International Commerce Terms.
  • Our own haulage. In Miami and in the South Florida we carry out bulk cargo and container movements on our own trucks..
  • Refrigerated Freight. Movement of freight in different temperatures.
  • Courrier and Parcel Delivery. Service with our own transport in Miami and in the South of Florida.

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