• Access to the online system using a username and password.
  • Tracking of the freight as soon as it enters the warehouse.
  • Weight, measures, etc.
  • Scanning of documents and photos for all the entered cargo.
  • Automatic notification by email when the freight is loaded and when it leaves.


A bonded warehouse is where goods that are held while the taxes or duties on those goods are unpaid. ABGS offers bonded warehousing that is used by importers and exporters to store their goods while kept in joint custody of the importer and/or the agent, as well as the customs officer.

While in our control, cargo manipulation, segregation and re-labeling may be performed. This specialized service is available and calculated on a volume of imported merchandise fee. If a bonded warehouse is not what your looking for we have other options for short term inbound cargo, too.

AB Group Shipping Advantage

  • Automatic Visibility with AMS
  • Real-time Visibility with our WMS System
  • Ability to process 7501 Formal Entries and Informals
  • Single point of contact from start, to finish
  • In-House Customs Broker available
  • U.S. Customs Bonded
  • Drayage
  • De-van
  • 7512 Processing
  • Palletize
  • Transload
  • Local delivery
  • Storage
  • Sort and segregate