AB Group Shipping Corp is a company that was founded by a successful business woman that boosted her knowledge and experience in different sectors to form a structured and prepared company in order to have the answer quickly and efficiently for the needs of the current commercial world.

Established over 11 years ago, the business has an ample and prestigious client base that has been deservedly gained thanks to its commitment, diligence and efficiency when managing every type of transaction, operations or freight.

AB Group Shipping Corp has all the operating licenses required by different US Government institutions for maritime, air or land transportation. We are proud members of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), the Transportation Secure Administration (TSA), Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) and Bonded Warehouse. We are also members of highly regarded private institutions and associations such as WCA, Better Business Bureau, International Association of Movers, etc. In addition, and for your peace of mind, AB Group Shipping is insured against all risks by a major insurance company that would respond effectively and professionally in the case of any eventuality.

Headquartered in Miami Florid, a strategic point for all transportation hub to Latin America and elsewhere. Its headquarter is located in the heart of the industrial area near the airport in Miami International and the Port of Miami.

The main goal of the company is generating services to our customers and agents remain 100% satisfied with our performance, That’s why we spend all acquired resources and accumulated experience to provide an excellent service.

EXCELLENCE We understand that consists essentially of:

  1. A smooth and fast communication: in today’s world of communications and the speed with which it develops is critical to closing a business or not. That’s why AB Group Shipping Corp deliberately put emphasis on addressing all concerns, questions or quotes in the shortest time possible
  2. Competitive rates: When a business is critical to confirm that the cost of services are within market standards.. For that we are constantly working with different shipping companies, airlines, freight forwarders, trucking companies, etc. to get competitive rates that impact significantly on the final price of the service.
  3. Advice: The experience gained over the years in hundreds of transactions allows for critical information to help you make informed decisions when choosing between different paths.
  4. Trust and experience: The important thing is to never miss a customer or agent. The essential thing is to keep them. This is achieved by gradually meeting the specified standards and providing a highly professional service that meets the expectations of the client or agent. Having a positive feedback and developing bond with our customers and agents.

All these aspects are essential part of everyday life of all members of AB Group Shipping Corp.

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