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AB Group Shipping provides reliable maritime transportation services for FCL and LCL shipments. With strong partnerships and strategic port selection, we ensure timely delivery and cost-effective operations. As an NVOCC, we comply with FMC requirements.


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Track & Trace Made Easy

Track vessels, containers, and goods to the SKU level.  AB Group Shipping Platform offers global visibility and control for you and your team.

Optimize Supply Chain with Exception Handling

Secure your supply chain and sanity with AB Group Shipping's exceptional exception management. Stay informed in real-time about changes to ocean freight cargo or sailings as we restore schedules.

Data That Pushes the Limits

Uncover insights in minutes with searchable data. Analyze transit times and costs. Optimize container utilization to ship more for less. Turn supply chain data into a competitive advantage.

An Ocean-Spanning Carrier Network

AB Group Shipping prioritizes transparency for efficient communication with carriers, ensuring quick access to available space, sailings, and cost-effective transit options.

Seamless Voyages with the Power of Predictability

Experience enhanced precision and accuracy in our forecasts. With our unmatched carrier integrations, AB Group Shipping guarantees faster pricing turnarounds, expedited Shipping Order (SO) releases, and accurate transit time predictions.

Enhanced Service Options for Greater Flexibility

Find the perfect balance between speed and cost for your business. Select from a range of six ocean freight options, including guaranteed services, to make an informed decision based on your inventory requirements.

Efficiently Manage the Full Scope of Your Supply Chain

Data Delivered, Tailored to Your Needs

Unlock the power of data in your supply chain. Seamlessly access and analyze vast amounts of information. Streamline CRD delays. Optimize container prioritization for smooth sailing. Ensure your supply chain is ready for any situation.

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Take a Deep Dive with Your Entire Team

Optimize your ocean freight shipments with accurate transit time data by lane. Streamline routing decisions and monitor supplier performance metrics. Say goodbye to confusing questions and hello to actionable insights.

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Services Included

Transportation of all types of goods in all types of containers (standards, high cube, open top, flatracks, etc.)

Specialists in this type of moving, including logistics, freight, customs support, etc.

We have specific licenses for this type of freight and we are specialized brokers so that freight will travel with all the necessary documentation.

We can insure your freight from any port and under any International Commerce Terms.

For all classes of freight, whether it by standard, refrigerated, dangerous, etc.

Vehicle moving service.

Movement of freight in different temperatures.

For any class of freight, whether it’s standard, refrigerated, dangerous, etc.

 Maximize Your Digital Flow

Shipping Platform

Effortlessly ship items to and from any location in just a few clicks.

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Air Freight

Optimize air freight processes to achieve even faster transit times.

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Optimize merchandise clearance. Harness data for planning.

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Cargo Insurance

Ensure full coverage for all items or provide insurance for the shipment.

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