Transforming Air Freight with Digital Innovation. Elevating Reliability.

When speed is crucial, AB Group Shipping swiftly takes you from order placement to shipment. Keep tabs on your goods in transit and collaborate seamlessly through the AB Group Shipping Platform. Modernize your supply chain and eliminate outdated obstacles.


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Stay on track with Foreseeable Bookings

Seamless technology connects everyone on a centralized platform. With reliable capacity and efficient planning tools, enjoy predictable bookings. Get ready to soar!

Avoid Delays by Resolving Issues Pre-Takeoff

When goods move quickly by air, exceptions are fixed faster with the AB Group Shipping Platform. Stay on time with our real-time flagging system for your just-in-time supply chain.

Uncover the Real Impact of Air Freight on Value

Compare costs and determine landed costs down to the SKU with the AB Group Shipping Platform. Pull analytics in a few clicks to plan with your team or make on-the-fly decisions.

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Take Command from Your Control Tower

Unlock the full potential of the AB Group Shipping Platform and gain complete visibility into your supply chain. With digitized documents, you can easily track every aspect, no matter where you are, ensuring seamless collaboration and synchronization for you and your team.

Real-Time Exception Handling for Adjustments

The AB Group Shipping Platform minimizes exceptions by providing immediate alerts with detailed information. Collaborate with your AB Group Shipping team to quickly rebook or resolve issues, reducing delays in the supply chain.

Boost Consistency with Dedicated Capacity from Asia

At AB Group Shipping, we complement our high-frequency commercial capacity with our own dedicated charters. This is an extra step to uphold on-time performance and mitigate the risk of offloads.

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Fortified Protection for Valuables on the Move

AB Group Shipping provides top-notch care for important shipments. With shipment-level GPS tracking, in-person escorts, and geofencing, we ensure that your high-value cargo is exactly where it should be. Our warehouses are bonded and TAPA and C-TPAT certified.

Efficiently Manage the Full Scope of Your Supply Chain

Create Reports in Minutes with Easily Accessible Data

Share success metrics and budget future launches with cost and transit time reporting. Search, review, or schedule reports in minutes.

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Toy-Like Tools for a Better Experience

Assess landed costs, prioritize on-time performance, compare transport modes, or drill down to the SKU.

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Services Included

Trust our expert team with a diverse range of cargo, including hazardous materials, oversized items, and perishable goods. We adhere to stringent safety regulations and standards, ensuring secure and compliant transportation. 

Simplify your supply chain with our seamless door-to-door service. From origin to destination, we manage customs clearance and documentation coordination, providing a hassle-free experience.

For large-scale shipments or unique projects, rely on our customized project cargo and chartering services. We adapt to your specific requirements and delivery schedule, ensuring precision and efficiency.

When time is critical, trust our handcarry service for swift and secure transportation of documents and packages to any destination. Your urgent deliveries receive top priority and personalized attention.

Safeguard temperature-sensitive products with our specialized reefer transport and cold chain management solutions. Maintain optimal conditions throughout the shipping process, ensuring product quality and safety. 

Speed up your shipments with our express or priority service. Enjoy fast and punctual deliveries, even for tight deadlines, supported by our commitment to reliability and efficiency.

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Get full control and visibility over your trucking service

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Ocean Freight

Embark on a reliable oceanic journey, supported by a sea of data that's got your back

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Optimize merchandise clearance. Harness data for planning.

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Order Management

Effortlessly create and handle purchase orders within the AB Group Shipping Platform.

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