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Optimize supplier relationships with AB Group Shipping. Gain visibility and control over the procurement process, from purchase orders to final delivery, for a seamless operation.


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Simplifying Order Management

Establish booking and approval guidelines to facilitate suppliers in efficiently fulfilling orders, reducing the reliance on your team. Utilize message threads and push notifications to promptly validate bookings before cargo ready dates.

Witness Your Inventory in Motion. Take Action on Modifications.

Gain visibility into the location of each purchase order and stock keeping unit within containers. Additionally, ensure a consistent supply, capitalize on goods in transit, and optimize inventory at any stage of your supply chain.

Transforming Insights Into Strategies

Gain insights into your fulfillment lifecycle, down to the SKU level. Calculate landed costs per order, identify bottlenecks, and uncover opportunities. Transform purchase orders into a strategic business strategy.

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Effortlessly Manage Your Orders

Share your purchase orders with suppliers via AB Group Shipping Public API, CSV uploads, or traditional integration. AB Group Shipping Order Management streamlines data ingestion for seamless collaboration.

Communicate in Context

Streamline your collaboration with suppliers by utilizing the AB Group Shipping Platform. Easily discuss and finalize details such as quantities, must-book-by dates, and cargo-ready dates. Seamlessly track and manage your purchase orders with threaded messages that follow your workflows.

Manage Bookings with a Few Clicks

Save time by effortlessly assigning purchase orders to a new booking with a simple selection. No more tedious copy-pasting required - complete the task in just minutes. Track the shipment of goods all the way to the warehouse using the AB Group Shipping Platform.

Automated Order Management for Effortless Efficiency

A Team of Experts Behind Your Order Management

Boost your productivity by partnering with AB Group Shipping. Let our dedicated team handle tasks, manage schedules, and assist with bookings, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Empowering Suppliers with Reliable Support

Get a head start on collaboration with your suppliers, thanks to the support of our AB Group Shipping team in Order Management. Simplify fulfillment and enjoy seamless access to the AB Group Shipping Platform. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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