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Utilizing duty drawback can lead to substantial returns for your company. The paperwork involved may be complex, but the AB Group Shipping Platform offers a streamlined approach to help you claim your funds efficiently.

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Every year, there may be billions of dollars in unclaimed excess duties in the U.S. You might be surprised by the various ways you can qualify for duty drawback. Let AB Group Shipping help you uncover and recover what is rightfully yours.

Enhance Your Claim Experience with Centralized Data Integration

Many companies are put off by the documentation required for drawback. With the AB Group Shipping Platform, all your records are conveniently organized in one place, making it simple to claim any owed drawback.

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At AB Group Shipping, no one simply dabbles in drawback. Our team is fully committed, perhaps even obsessed. This is their sole focus. Rest assured that you will receive your refunds with precise, compliant submissions and a thorough audit trail.

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Drawback Backed by the AB Group Shipping Platform

Don't waste time looking for ways around the issue. Data accuracy is the first step, and the AB Group Shipping Platform makes it effortless. Your drawback team will handle all administrative tasks, ensuring a smooth process for you.

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