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Count on AB Group Shipping to assist you in managing your inventory levels effectively by replenishing products across different channels in a timely manner.

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Reasons to Consider AB Group Shipping Replenishment

Optimized Profitability

Save on expenses by storing your inventory upstream to prevent excess inventory penalties and high storage costs that can cut into your profits.

Replenish Multiple Outlets

Maximize your combined inventory to swiftly deliver goods to any destination at the appropriate time.

Automate Your Restocking Process

Ensure you never run out of stock with our automated inventory monitoring and replenishment system.

Stock up on DTC fulfillment centers

  1. Dispatch an inbound shipping plan to "Reserve Storage"
  2. We will accept and store your inventory on pallets
  3. Auto-replenishment suggestions will be activated for you.
  4. Validate and accept suggestions or activate auto-replenishment.
  5. Once confirmed, AB Group Shipping will transport inventory to fulfillment centers in our network.

Prevent Amazon FBA Inventory Depletion

  1. Dispatch an inbound shipping plan to "Reserve Storage"
  2. We will accept and store your inventory on pallets
  3. Integrate and verify the AB Group Shipping. replenishment app on Amazon's seller central using the seller portal
  4. FBA Replenishment recommendations will be automatically turned on for you.
  5. AB Group Shipping will deliver inventory to prime-ready fulfillment centers upon verification.

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Air Freight

Streamline air cargo operations for even quicker delivery.

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Optimize merchandise clearance. Harness data for planning.

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Order Management

Effortlessly create and handle purchase orders within the AB Group Shipping Platform.

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Ocean Freight

Embark on a reliable oceanic journey, supported by a sea of data that's got your back.

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