Efficient Return Management 

Having a reliable returns partner offers enhanced oversight of your returned stock, streamlining management processes in a single, convenient location. With AB Group Shipping Returns, merchants can prioritize growth over the complexities of logistics


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Trim Expenses and Focus on Growth

Access unmatched savings with AB Group Shipping Returns and focus your resources on growing your business. Our promise of transparent, competitive pricing ensures you get value and eliminates any doubts about additional costs.

Optimize Replenishment by Streamlining Return Processing

Your returns will be processed within 3 business days, ensuring you have robust coverage. Optimize your space utilization and centralize your inventory in a unified network.

Streamline Efficiency and Take Back Your Time

Say goodbye to the hassle of going back and forth with customers and the laborious task of checking returned items manually. Partner with AB Group Shipping for efficient returns management, saving you time and boosting customer happiness.

How it works 

The return label is generated by the merchant either in the Seller Portal or through integration tools

Package arrives at our processing facility.

Items are opened and graded through SOP within 72 hours of arrival.

Sellable items are restocked directly back to FC, non-sellable items can be disposed of, donated or stored for “Return-to-Merchant” 

Seller Portal and integrated tool is updated with the outcome of the return inspection. Refund is issued automatically if it’s a 100% match via integration tools setting that meets your business requirements

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