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With AB Group Shipping Customs, clear goods quickly, minimize import duties, and leverage customs data to benefit your supply chain. We're here to help, even if you don’t ship with us.

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Simplifying Landed Cost Analysis

Calculate landed costs for your SKUs with ease. The AB Group Shipping Platform provides fast and accurate answers by consolidating customs entry data, duties, and logistics spends.

Proactive Exception Management

Clearly, exceptions must be handled before arrivals, not after. You and your AB Group Shipping broker will identify exceptions faster, with escalation plans to minimize costs and delays.

Unlocking the Potential Data for Customs Brokers

Our brokers do more than clear goods. They analyze patterns to improve your import strategy, minimize duty, and find strategic opportunities others miss.

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Driven by Brokers, Powered by Data, and Crafted for Insight

Your customs broker uses the AB Group Shipping Platform to clear shipments faster. They analyze inventory data, commercial invoices, and other documents to reveal landed costs, historical price comparisons, and key business metrics.

Improved Customs Predictability with Supply Chain Visibility

The AB Group Shipping Platform tracks your inventory in motion, ensuring timely resolution of customs exceptions and minimizing clearance delays.

Decoding Customs Procedures for a Seamless Supply Chain

Your Customs Broker Knows The Rules. Change the Game Together.

Expand your customs strategy by looking beyond your next clearance. AB Group Shipping Customs trade advisors can help you discover new import routes, develop strategies to minimize duties, and achieve strategic advantages for your business.

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