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When shipping automotive parts or vehicles, a reliable and
experienced shipping partner is essential AB Group Shipping
offers fast, flexible, and transparent solutions to support
your supply chain in the evolving automotive industry.

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Exceptional port coverage

Ensuring that your vehicles can be efficiently transported to and from a wide range of ports, providing extensive access to global markets.

Container Monitoring

With our real-time tracking and management of containers you get full visibility and control of your automotive shipments.

Wide variety of equipment and modes of transportation

Our services include flexible and efficient options for transporting your vehicles.

Committed customer service team

We're dedicated to providing exceptional support an assistance throughout the logistics process.

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Rapid and Trustworthy Shipping Times

Our focus is on maintaining top industry standards and offering customers flexible automotive shipping solutions. With our expertise, we ensure timely delivery to meet manufacturers' specific needs.

Automotive Shipping Beyond Ocean Services

Connecting the world while caring for our planet is our priority. We promote social prosperity and economic growth while reducing our carbon footprint daily. Using electric vehicles and sustainable transportation methods, we aim to make every step of your journey sustainable.

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Tailored Assistance

With decades of experience, our team excels in creating tailored transportation and logistics solutions for the automotive industry. Whether it's spare parts, motorcycles, e-mobility solutions, or oversized cargo, we'll optimize your supply chain.

We offer support for CKD, SKD, and CBU shipments, as well as FVL and battery logistics.

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Services Included

  • 4PL / Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)
  • Transportation Management Services
  • Supply Chain Consulting & Engineering
  • Global Trade Management
  • Real-time Shipment Visibility
  • Pro-active Business Intelligence
  • 24 HR Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Inventory Levels
  • Continuous Improvement

 Maximize Your Digital Flow

Shipping Platform

Effortlessly ship items to and from any location in just a few clicks.

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Air Freight

Optimize air freight processes to achieve even faster transit times.

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Optimize merchandise clearance. Harness data for planning.

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Cargo Insurance

Ensure full coverage for all items or provide insurance for the shipment.

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