Effortless and Cost-Effective Shipping

Save on shipping labels with discounts typically offered to major retailers. Our adaptable carrier network will collect, organize, and swiftly deliver your orders to keep your customers satisfied.


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Great service at an affordable price

Access exclusive discounts from multiple carriers, all without the hassle of handling intricate contracts and price discussions independently.

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No extra charges, no surge fees

Our all-inclusive pricing covers order pickup, sorting, and delivery, ensuring your costs remain consistent with no additional delivery fees to worry about.

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Reliable, Budget-Friendly Speed

Choose between expedited and standard services to select the shipping speed that best suits your customers' needs.

Unlock Your Shipping Superpowers

One Platform, Many Carriers

Gain entry to local and regional carriers conveniently through a unified API integration, sidestepping the complexities and lengthiness of contracts.

Countrywide Classification System

Our fulfillment centers are strategically positioned across the United States to ensure speedy, economical delivery for your customers.

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Order Pickups Daily

We offer daily pickups to ensure swift and reliable delivery of your orders to customers.

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Less Than Container

Tailor-made solutions to align with your decarbonization aspirations.

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Optimize merchandise clearance. Harness data for planning.

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Order Management

Effortlessly create and handle purchase orders within the AB Group Shipping Platform.

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Ocean Freight

Embark on a reliable oceanic journey, supported by a sea of data that's got your back

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