Technology Empowers the Best Consolidation Approach

By merging cargo from multiple suppliers into a single shipment, we develop a customized consolidation strategy that helps our customers achieve cost savings in their supply chain, mitigate the risk of damage, and enhance transit time beyond what standard LCL offers.


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Suppliers can optimize their operations by delivering the cargo ahead of schedule, resulting in early factory space availability, prompt payment collection, and a significant reduction in the risk of cargo damage.

Offering Bundles of Services

Buyers Consolidation can be bundled with other AB Group Shipping services, such as ocean or air freight, order management, booking management (BCO), 4PL visibility, and carbon offset.

Expense Cutting

AB Group Shipping reduces supply chain costs by improving container utilization, limiting 20 foot container usage, decreasing destination labor and infrastructure expenses, and reducing inventory levels.

Enhance Efficiency in Consolidation

AB Group Shipping's Buyers Consolidation product uses proprietary planning technology to optimize load plans, saving time and supply chain costs. Access industry-leading online planning functionality, eliminating offline planning sheets and emails.

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Enhance Efficiency and Ensure Vendor Adherence at Minimal Expense

With our extensive range of Value Added Services (VAS) available at our CFS locations, AB Group Shipping is committed to offering customized solutions that cater to our customer's unique needs.

Access Shipment Highlights, Key Milestones, Load Plans, and Automated Reporting in one platform view

Gain complete visibility into bookings with the Buyers Consolidation Stock Report, and track supply chain performance through AB Group Shipping’s intuitive dashboard.

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Air Freight

Optimize air freight processes to achieve even faster transit times.

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Order Management

Effortlessly create and handle purchase orders within the AB Group Shipping Platform.

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Optimize merchandise clearance. Harness data for planning.

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Ocean Freight

Embark on a reliable oceanic journey, supported by a sea of data that's got your back

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