Ensuring the Proper Handling and Shipment of Your Perishable Products

For all your transportation needs, whether it's by road, train, ocean or sky, AB Group Shipping offers a tailored logistics solution for your company.


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Ensuring Freshness and Quality

Your sensitive goods will arrive at their destination as fresh as they were when they started their journey. Our global network lets us respond to your individual requirements for shipping perishable items.

Optimized Door-to-Door Services for Your Products

Our flexible transportation options – by land, ocean, air, and rail, provide optimized door-to-door solutions to fit your product’s needs, your budget, and your schedule.

Expert Packaging Solutions to Keep Ideal Atmospheric Control

With our innovative packing solutions, we keep your sensitive goods stored in the best atmospheric conditions, ensuring they are well-tempered and fresh when they arrive at their destination.

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Reliable Transit and Efficient Handling

Providing high-quality service for shipments on all trade lanes, ensuring reliable transit times and efficient handling throughout the process

Comprehensive Transport Solutions

Complete transport chain for: Electronics, Healthcare (Diagnostics), Perishables (Dairy Products, Fish, Seafood, Fresh Produce, Meat & Poultry), High Value Goods and Pharmaceuticals.

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Minimizing Ecological Footprint

Worldwide availability of capacity and environmentally friendly equipment designed to minimize ecological impact

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 Maximize Your Digital Flow

Shipping Platform

Effortlessly ship items to and from any location in just a few clicks.

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Air Freight

Optimize air freight processes to achieve even faster transit times.

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Optimize merchandise clearance. Harness data for planning.

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Cargo Insurance

Ensure full coverage for all items or provide insurance for the shipment.

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