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AB Group Shipping's moving specialists are here to assist with every aspect of your move abroad, from initial quotes and pre-move planning to customs clearance and selecting the best transportation method for your belongings.


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Reliable Moving Solutions

For all your moving needs, whether it's across borders or within the country, you can trust our skilled team. We have the expertise to ensure your items arrive at their destination intact and on time.

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Your Trusted Support Team

Regardless of the size of your move – be it a few items or a whole household – we are here to support you. Get in touch with us, and our team will be there to help you navigate the moving process until your possessions are securely in place at your new residence.

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Hassle-Free Commercial Relocations

AB Group Shipping Corp specializes in managing office moves for companies relocating within or outside the United States, and also assists foreign entities in establishing new branches in the U.S.

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How we handle your moving


When you contact us, we'll provide details on your main questions, starting city, end point, and moving schedule.


A team member will review your inquiry, provide all the necessary information, and document your relocation measurements.



Once all details are gathered, we will provide the final estimate and sign the contract upon acceptance.


On the agreed day, your items will be packed (if arranged) and transported to your residence for loading, using trucks or containers depending on the service.

Customs Clearance

We handle customs clearance documents and paperwork for shipping your belongings by sea, air, or land to their destination.


Your personal effects will be delivered to your doorstep or the destination port as per your service agreement.

Containers or Loose Cargo

Loose Cargo

  • To removals 1 bedroom or studio with few pieces of furniture
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Size: from 1m3 to 15m3

20' Container

  • For removal of apartments of 1 room, game room and dining room or living room
  • Shipment of vehicles (cars, vans, SUV)
  • Size: 20′ x 8′ x 8’6″
    (6m x 2.43m x 2.56m)

40' Container

  • To removal of 2 bedroom houses, including bedroom set, dining and living room
  • Shipment of vehicles (cars, vans, SUV)
  • Size: STD: 40′ x 8′ x 8’6″
    (12.19m x 2.43m x 2.59m)
    HC: 40′ x 8′ x 9’6″
    (12.19m x 2.43m x 2.89m)

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