Streamline Your Ocean Network Management with an Intuitive Platform

Optimize your ocean freight operations with AB Group Shipping’s Booking Management technology, offering enhanced visibility, streamlined processes, and performance tracking—all on a user-friendly interface.


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    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Effortlessly handle bookings across diverse ocean providers with our user-friendly interface. Centralize orders in one hub for smooth operations and timely execution. Fine-tune parameters to minimize discrepancies and optimize inventory flow.

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    Boost Your Visibility

    Say goodbye to email chains for outdated container updates. Get visibility into booking milestones, structuring your day around exceptions. Free your teams to focus on managing vital exceptions.

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    Turn Insights into Actionable Plans

    AB Group Shipping transforms visibility by seamlessly integrating booking data from ocean carriers. Discover essential metrics such as MQC utilization and carrier booking performance to prioritize what truly matters.

    How it works 

    Suppliers book via the AB Group Shipping app

    We handle the carrier booking procedure according to your allocation plan.

    Our team communicates between suppliers, carriers, and you

    Our team regularly monitors carrier Minimum Quantity Commitments (MQCs) to ensure volume attainment and hold carriers accountable.

    Our team diligently tracks carrier performance against Minimum Quantity Commitments (MQCs) to ensure compliance

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