Export oversized freight, from continent to continent, with confidence

Break bulk cargo is a specialized field of transportation service that requires extensive expertise and knowledge. We offer all the break bulk cargo management and handling capabilities, versatility, and expertise you need for project freight of any size.


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Meeting Specialized Needs for Every Cargo

Whether its cargo destined for break bulk or complex nuclear or wind machinery, we know the special requirements and care that your freight needs.

Our Assets, Port Services, and Expertise Set Us Apart

Unlike our competition, we utilize our own assets, port services department and in-house project managers to handle export, import, and domestic project shipments.

Expertly Handling Break Bulk Cargo with Precision

From mud pumps and large machinery, to pipe or other heavy cargo destined for break bulk, we are able to handle any project freight regardless of size, scope, or weight.

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Break Bulk Advantages

Break bulk transport is a commonly used method for shipping goods that do not fit standard container dimensions due to their size, shape, or weight. It is a suitable solution for companies looking to transport heavy machinery or specialized equipment in its entirety.

Addressing the Shipping Challenges of Specialized Cargo

Every shipment is unique, with its own size and weight challenges. Whether it's bulky and lightweight or small and heavy, we handle the logistics for you. Focus on your business while we ensure smooth shipping operations.

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